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Who am I?

This is the “all about me” page you see on a lot of other websites.  I’m a little stalled on this one because it’s hard to write “all about me” when I’m still learning everyday about myself.  What I can give you are a few tid bits to tide you over. Like a beautiful dress that leaves just enough covered to stir the imagination, hopefully I’ll give you enough food for thought and invite enough questions into your minds to want to learn more about me by reading my blog….everyday.

To start I’m a mostly happily married woman. I say mostly because if there are any married women out there that are completely happy with their hubbies all the time, 24/7,  I’d like to meet them in a dark ally and smack some sense into them.  Anyhoo, I’ve been married 4 years now to my best friend.  He is my inspiration and co-instigator.  He is the one I turn to when I’m stressed even if he may be the cause of it. He is in the air I breath.  He’s the person I rely on for strength when mine runs low.  And he is quickly becoming the reason why your starting to make gagging sounds.   We have a beautiful daughter,EJ, who is the sun we orbit around.  She is my dream baby.  She sleeps through the night like a charm and has been doing this since she was a month old.  She only cries when she’s hungry or when she’s demanding another diaper.  As soon as that’s taken care of it back to being the perky little spirit that she is.  I get comments all the time that she’s so alert for her age.  Eyes wide open checking out the world, and currently trying to eat it all. Update:  She’s quickly turning into the 17 month old toddler going on 17 year old teenager.  She is still my sun that I orbit around but she’s shining so brightly right now that I must wear sun glasses… And some times earplugs.  She runs like the wind and likes to play chase.  “Time to wash your hands EJ!” are the key words to start the game of chase in her mind. I just know she’s saying “Catch me if you can tall clumsy person!!!”  Her batteries are always full and I wouldn’t trade one minute.  And she is still trying to eat the world.

So my question to you is have I made you sick enough by sharing a speck in my perfect life?   HA!   Don’t puke yet!  Did I say perfect life?  I think I’m just dreaming right now and I’m going to wake up in the morning and realize what a load of BS I just wrote.   How about a few tid bits about my personality?   That’s why your reading this right?  I’m a sarcastic, sometimes witty, mostly aggravating (according to my hubby) person who can never decide which shoes I should wear.  I have a super dry sense of humor that causes me to get a lot of blank stares when I pop off with something that at least I found funny.  So I’m used to offending people with my humor and I’ve learned to not to feel bad when I do.  If they can’t get the joke, even after it was explained to them in extreme detail, then that’s not my fault. They need to lighten up and deal with it.   I’m a stay at home mom when I can stand to stay at home.  (The walls close in too quickly for my taste) I have an opinion about most things and seem to have a good head for common sense.  Hobbies are sleeping, and eating my babies yummy little toes. Update: The toes are now starting to smell like real feet so I’ve stopped eating them so much but now I can’t get enough nibbles on her ticklish tummy!  I’m a avid tennis player.  Getting out on the court is mandatory for my sanity.  But of course I can’t just play, I’m the captain of my local women’s team.   So when I’m not taking care of baby, hubby, or household I’m holding the hands of 16 ladies and planning around all their schedules and busy lives.  I’m not what you can call an underachiever.  If I’m not up to my eyeballs in deadlines and stress I’m not living!

Well, thats a little about me.  Now this is where I ask a little favor from you.  Please take a small smidgen of time out of each day to check this site and see what’s new in my world. The more you check it out the more I’ll be inspired to keep writing.  I’m airing my laundry for you all to sniff.  My goal is to post as often as I can but I’m not going to press this goal and lose quality.  I also would love to hear your comments and thoughts as often as you would like to share them.  No pressure but comments are like little pretty jewels to bloggers.  All are special… Except for spam and thats just canned ham to me.

Thanks ahead of time for allowing me to enter your head and swim around a little.


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