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Understanding the love of a parent for a child, I can see how putting words to the important day to day growth of your child can be very important.  Your Mom and I still enjoy our memories of your childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood.  Now through this  website tool we can live through you some of the joys and challenges of the raising and training of our precious grandchild.  Through your words and the video link you have set up for us, we are “with” your family daily.  I’m sure you and EJ’s Daddy can and will do a very good job.

Love, Dad

Surprise, surprise, my daughter is a talented and skilled writer!  She writes with such humor of the frustrations and joys that are inherent in raising any child.  But she sees with the eyes of a Mama with her first child the awe of what’s happening daily in the lives of her family and especially of that marvelous new baby.  The vignette she wrote about the episode with the “maryjane” socks made me laugh since it’s so exactly the way things happen.  I look forward to stories and additions that will shine a light on even more of her and her family, but that are actually little peeks into the raising of a beloved child, with all the angst and giggles included.  With first children, and the built in fears of parenting seen written down, you can also see the study and research she’s done to try to do the very best job possible in such an important task…the raising of a child.  She’s doing a really good job; it makes me so proud to see it, especially in the written words she’s using to record and highlight bits and pieces of her and her family’s life, the frustrations, problems solved, and the great joys, all included.

Love, Mom

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