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Tag: yummy

Yummy Green Beans!

A long time ago I started a new page called Yummy In The Tummy Recipes.  Since that day… and posting my first recipe…”I’m still married roast beef” I have done zero with it.  Yep! I can admit it! I’ve had a useless page floating around my website just waiting to lure you in and disappoint […]

Lime Green Baby

Tonight we stripped EJ down to her skivvies and plunked her in front of a bowl of lime green Jello.  She smushed and squished.  Splatted and patted.  Squirted and squeezed.  She found it fascinating how it would mush between her fingers.  She discovered that if she squeezed her fingers open and closed fast enough her hand would make a cute […]

Introducing Food For Thought

I’m sitting here with my fist under my chin trying to think about something to write and I’m at a loss.  All I can think of are onions.  Why onions you ask?  Because my hand smells like onions of course.   It’s that yummy smell that reminds you of something wonderful you just cooked.  Its like […]

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