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Tag: tornado baby

Weekend Giggles #7

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge This reminded me of how our dogs look at our little EJ. Mostly it’s with disdain because she gets all the attention or because she’s bugging them, but sometimes you catch brief glimpses of superiority.  Oh, just wait my nutty little spastic dogs (Jack Russells), one day EJ will figure out […]

Almost Wordless Wednesday #7 Tornado Baby…Again

And yet again we have another edition of Tornado Baby Strikes. (Click HERE for past editions) This time she figured out how to open the cabinet doors.  Of course that next day I installed the handy baby proof latches like a good Mommy should do.  Unfortunately she was watching me, and the first thing she […]

Tornado Baby Strikes Again!

All day today I was trying to write to the displeasure of EJ.  I had so much on my mind and it was wanting to spill out but life, EJ, was getting in the way.  I had this very long drawn out post on how crappy my day was. It was rather depressing and probably […]

Cabinet Carnage

This is what happens to a perfectly organized cabinet 5 minutes after “tornado baby” blows through. Notice the empty basket.  She’s AWESOME at emptying baskets.  Talent my friends! You can see where she was sitting in the empty space behind the red bear. And she left as fast as she came…. And found her next […]

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