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Tag: Tennis

Last Week on Momversation: Are You OK With Your Post-Baby Body?

This is good one.  Sorry it took me so long to get it out to you, I’m a busy Mommy remember, but I didn’t want to pass it up either.  Watch and read on my friends.   The wonderful panelists are: Maggie Mason from Mighty Girl; Mindy Roberts from The Mommy Blog; and guest panelist Kierna Mayo from Cafe […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Nothing brings more saddness to a tennis players heart than this site… Praying for sun…by 9:00 AM!  I’m suppose to be out there!!!!!!

Today’s Plinky: In defense of my vice: tennis

I’ve found this new site to play on called  It’s a great place for bloggers and anyone who likes to just shove their thoughts into other peoples eye sockets.  How it works is it produces a daily prompt on subjects that can be discussed or written about.  Check it out!  It’s kinda fun!  This […]

Ranting, Whining, and Rewards

I just went back and reread my last post and I realized that yikes, I sure can rant!  Or more like whine.  But isn’t it true that everyone needs to rant and whine every once and awhile?  To say that you never do this would be hypocritical if you’ve ever sat down and said to someone, “Man, […]

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