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Tag: Tennis

It’s A New Day!

I think I’m a little excited this morning.  Like a kid waiting to go to their first day of school.  The excitement of a new day, a fresh start, new people.  And because I was always the geek, new school supplies. (squeee!) And all those new books I would get to lug around all day […]

Writers Block With a Side Of Plastic Please.

Can you all tell I’m in a little bit of a writers slump?  I wouldn’t exactly call it writers block because I still have plenty of shtuff, including dialog, going through my head.  I’m just not either finding the time to put words to keyboard or I just don’t have the gumption.  Sometimes I find […]

Shower Woes

I’m sitting here desperately needing a shower from a good old fashioned ass whooping on the tennis court and I can’t take one yet.  Why you ask?  Why am I sitting in my own funk longer than necessary?  It’s because EJ has decided that it’s more fun to fling her blanket around instead of sleep under it […]

I Could…

I’m sitting here waiting for the magical clock to tic faster.  I had a tennis match that was supposed to start at 9:00 this morning and we postponed till 10:00 because the courts were wet.  I’m dreaming up ideas of going over there and using my leaf blower as a giant hair dryer.  I’ve seen it done […]

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