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Tag: Plinky

Why I Wear Rose Colored Glasses

I haven’t participated in a Plinky prompt in a long time.  I read them everyday as they pass through my email on the way to the trash can but today’s question stopped me.  “Share 3 things that are good about your life right now.” Wow! Now thats a little challenging isn’t it?  With the world […]

Plinky Asks: What Would You Like To Do On Your Next Birthday?

Hide under a pillow all day and not change any diapers. I’ve always found that on my “big” birthdays I’ve wanted to hide under a pillow until the day passes. This next one I’ll turn 35. I’m not really sure why I feel the need to hide considering on the other not so “big” birthdays […]

Today’s Plinky: Irritating Talker or Quiet Starer

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this in public but at least I know my family who reads this will get a HUGE laugh due to the truth of my words. The question of the day is:  If I was traveling on a bus would I rather be stuck sitting next to an irritating chatter box or […]

Today’s Plinky: Are You A Handywoman?

I’m a very handy woman. In a lot of ways my husband is more domestic than I am. My most impressive thing I’ve repaired is a toilet. I know, it doesn’t sound like much but keep reading. I used to work/married into the business for a boat rental company who’s office was at the end […]

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