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Violence Unsilenced: You are not alone, and you don't have to live this way.
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Tag: mommys joy

Why I Wear Rose Colored Glasses

I haven’t participated in a Plinky prompt in a long time.  I read them everyday as they pass through my email on the way to the trash can but today’s question stopped me.  “Share 3 things that are good about your life right now.” Wow! Now thats a little challenging isn’t it?  With the world […]

Weekend Giggles #25

B.C. click any of the images to enlarge Hay! I AM that neighbor! Back off the flamingo man! Speed Bump click any of the images to enlarge I can’t help it! I love the look on the little boys face! Speed Bump click any of the images to enlarge Confusious says, “Don’t run from the […]

Winning. The Sweetest Revenge Of Them All!

Yesterday I got to experience something very odd. Something very satisfying in a gut wrenching way.  Something heartbreaking while uplifting.  As you can tell this something was filled with so many crossed emotions its difficult to nail down the one that was the full on icing on the cake.  But I did manage after some […]

Colossal-Ginormous-Mamoth-Rainbow Cake

I challenged myself last week to see just how good of a baker I could be.  First off let me say… yes I used a box mix!  Get over it!  With this cake the only way to survive it was to box it!   However I can proudly say that I’m fully aware of and […]

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