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Tag: mommys joy

Wordless/ful Wednesday #26

Sometimes when I look in the mirror as my daughter is standing on the bathroom counter brushing her teeth and I imagine what it would be like to have twins. And then I slap myself silly and thank God/dess that there is only one EJ! For more of MY Wordless/ful Wednesday go HERE! Because you […]

Weekend Giggles #27

Dog eat Doug click any of the images to enlarge And this would be the cartoon image of my child at night. SMACK! “And now we have the midnight rendition of Twinkle Twinkle to dream by.” SMACK! “Lets rock out to Baby Bach! Yeee-owser!” SMACK!! Daddy finally had to rig up her crib music player […]

When Does Humor Become A Burden?

Sometimes I feel like I should be more open on this website.  While posting all sorts of wonderful pictures of my daughter, cartoons, and the occasional long post where I ramble on about this or that is fine but am I truly opening up to you all? Am I truly letting you know what goes […]

Save The Coffee!

OMG! NOT THE COFFEE!!!!!!! see more Epic Fails Sorry…. this is all I’ve got today! But you still love me right? If so then please show your love and vote for me!  Right sidebar <——— Under “Love My Site? Vote for me!”.  You can click one or you can click on them all because you […]

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