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Tag: mommys joy

Wordless/ful Wednesday #28

Since we live in Texas its the traditional thing to take your kid to the side of a Texas Highway and risk life and limb to have pictures taken with the wildflowers. Ok, so not every parent does this. And we technically didn’t either. We went to a side road off the highway because EJ’s […]

Murky Monday

This weeks Murky Monday is dedicated to all those allergy ridden, common cold, stuffy nosed, irritated sinus, drainage challenged people out there and is another on my list of The Top 10 Things That Irritate Me.  I am one of you and I know we all must go to some drastic measure now and then…. […]

Let The Murky Mondays Begin!!!

A little over a week ago I wrote this: When Does Humor Become A Burden? Which got me thinking…. Mondays….. A vast amount of the working population of the world hates Mondays.  Wikipedia says that Monday is the most popular day to commit suicide, call in sick, and surf the web in the Netherlands. (Go Netherlands!) […]

Weekend Giggles#28

Dog eat Doug click any of the images to enlarge Mmmm, hoho’s! B.C. click any of the images to enlarge And here we have another look into the origins of the Redneck dictionary. Soup To Nutz click any of the images to enlarge Probably the best advice I’ve seen yet! Dog eat Doug click any […]

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