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Violence Unsilenced: You are not alone, and you don't have to live this way.
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Beware!! iTunes Phishing Email Scam

OH! JOY!  Guess what! I just received a $50 gift certificate from I-tunes!  NOT!!!!!!  Did you email scammers actually think you would get away with this one? Do I appear to be an idiot? Please note, this is a copy of the email I received in my inbox this morning.  It is spam!!! Do not […]

Basking In The Memory Of A Star

When I was in high school I had a friend. I had a lot of friends but this one…she was special. I’ve never had another girlfriend in my life like her. I’ve never been close to another friend like I was with her. I’ve had lots of friends in the past and have lots of […]

I Smell Change And It Smells Like Windex

We are about to have some changes in the Mommy’s Joy household.  No I’m not pregnant before you even ask.  I know after my cryptic post a few weeks ago I had several people wondering that.  Even close friends and family were knocking down my doors accusing me of not telling them first.  And I […]

Chocbite Gourmet Chocolate Bars Review and Giveaway! 4 Winners! CLOSED!!

Have you ever been hankering for a snack and thought to yourself… “I really could go for a huge milk chocolate candy bar with nerds and macadamia nuts on it”?  Or had a friend who was really hard to shop for during a birthday or holiday?  This friend has everything or has already tried so […]