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Tag: hubby


So the last few days I’ve felt just absolutly overwhelmed.  And I haven’t really even left my couch.  How is it possible you ask?  Try having a teething 8 month old who is crawling EVERYWHERE and trying to experiment with running marathons.  While she still sleeps like Sleeping Beauty at night her day times seemed […]

Silent Night

It’s quiet right now.  Something I rarely get to encounter.  Dear Hubby is upstairs talking on the phone to someone but I can’t hear him.  EJ is tucked in her crib all peaceful, beautiful and silent. The TV is off.  Dogs are sleeping soundly on the couch and the cat is still residing on the […]

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…”

  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Today we went and and chopped down our Christmas tree.   Ok, so we went to the big red and white tented tree city that pops up every year down the road.  Our tree is a BIG FAT 7 footer that is now filling the space we gave […]

Holiday contemplations and birds…

Lets see, ham is in the oven…dinner rolls are all set so they can rise and bake.  Not quite time to start making the stuffing or cleaning off the turkeys for Hubby to fry.  Hmm…ate breakfast…need to vacuum 10 pound layer of dog hair off the couches.  Don’t want furry guests.  Can’t do that till […]

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