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Tag: Friday Fill-ins

Friday Fill-ins

#4 It’s been awhile so I though I’d enjoy another installment of Friday Fill-ins!  All of my answers are in RED. And…here we go! 1. I have a history of the filter between my brain and mouth breaking *click here for a few details and symptoms of my disorder*. 2. How to keep my big […]

Friday Fill-ins #3

It’s Friday!  And time for another edition of Friday Fill-ins!! All of my fill-in answers are in RED!  Hope you enjoy! Questions this week are courtesy of Janet’s friend, Karen and her cousin, Maribeth. And…here we go! 1. I remember, I remember when Madonna wore cone boobs and I thought she was really cool. 2. […]

Friday Fill-ins #2

Time for another edition of Friday Fill-ins! My answers are all in red and underlined. 1. Watermelon is my favorite summertime snack because I find it fun to spit seeds at everything to see if they will stick.  My husband, my favorite target, is not a very big fan of watermelon.  Hmmm, I wonder why? 2. My […]

Friday Fill-ins #1

Because it’s Friday and I’m feeling like the entire week’s pressure and stress has landed on my body all in one day I’ve decided to take it easy on myself. Therefore, instead of trying to scrub out the last dredges of brain matter to find some good content for you to read, I’ve found this […]

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