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Violence Unsilenced: You are not alone, and you don't have to live this way.
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Tag: dear hubby


To all my loyal readers and those who will be, Please forgive me if I don’t give you much chatter to chat about in the next few days.  It’s Christmas and, as most of the wives out there know, that means all sorts of fun…  Cleaning the kitchen every five minutes. Not because of your […]

Revenge of the Nerds part XXVIII.

I finally understand why I’m the mother and Dear Hubby is the father.  It’s not because of science and how babies are made.  It’s the ability to dress our young so they don’t go out into the world and get eaten by the more fashionable babies.   I love my husband with every breath and heartbeat in […]

Silent Night

It’s quiet right now.  Something I rarely get to encounter.  Dear Hubby is upstairs talking on the phone to someone but I can’t hear him.  EJ is tucked in her crib all peaceful, beautiful and silent. The TV is off.  Dogs are sleeping soundly on the couch and the cat is still residing on the […]

Christmas Miricles

This evening we took EJ to the mall to see Santa for the first time.  We started planning this last week when Dear Hubby and I decided to go up there one evening to take a walk.  It might not get arctic cold here but when it gets into the 50’s that’s too much for […]