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Tag: baby

Toe Lint…. Revisited

Ever since I wrote my post about Toe Lint and how my darling EJ is obsessed with hers, the need to pick has gotten worse.  Now she comes up to us at random times and starts saying “sock” “sock” “sock”.  If we don’t listen she will stick her foot up and into anything we are […]

My Singing Baby…The Next American Idol

I have a nice little routine that works for my daughter and I for bed time.  She still gets too excited about eating the books for me to be able read one to her so that “usual” bedtime idea is out for now.  What works best, I’ve found, is still a little time with the baby crack […]

Rainbow Roses?

I probably should have saved this for Wordless Wednesday but I just had to share the horror with you now. I saw these today at my local get everything including a haircut, plunger, new tires and gas, grocery store.  What is the world coming to that we had to mess with mother nature in such […]

Bloggers! Do You Air Your Dirty Laundry?

I just wrote something that I’m terribly tempted to post and share with the blogosphere.  A story that involves unwed pregnancy, abuse, intolerance, and then finally tolerance. A story that could have me hung by my toenails and beaten with wet noodles by my family.  A story that just might not be appreciated by someone I love as […]