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Tag: babies

Labor Day?

Labor Day??? Hmmmm? Am I the only mom who associates this day with 22 hours of torture? I mean, I understand the concept of the holiday, but ever since that fateful day back in 2008 when I became a mom, Labor Day has taken on a new meaning. And with that thought in mind I […]

The most intimidating creatures on earth…babies-revisited

This week I’ll be up to my ears in tennis which really impedes my ability to write.  It’s not that the sport takes my brains and turns them to goo….Mostly not.  It’s not that I have no time to write after I play….Mostly not. And it’s not because I get too exhausted to write….Mostly not. […]

Rainbow Roses?

I probably should have saved this for Wordless Wednesday but I just had to share the horror with you now. I saw these today at my local get everything including a haircut, plunger, new tires and gas, grocery store.  What is the world coming to that we had to mess with mother nature in such […]

I Survived!

I’ve now been welcomed into another layer of the “Mommy club”.  The section that deals with babies with fevers that make them cranky with whimpers that simply tear your heart out.  Sunday afternoon EJ started getting really clingy and nothing would convince her that she really didn’t need to be stuck to my leg like […]