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Archive for 'Wordless Wednesday'

Wordless/ful Wednesday #21

I WILL be sharing this with my daughter, and possibly all her friends, when she is a teenager.  I might even frame it and direct everyone to it.  Or just keep it under a sheet and share it only when I need some good black mail material. EJ @ 7 months For more of MY […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday #20

Mona Lisa And The Cupcake Ahhh, the Mona Lisa.  Is she contemplating her lot in life?  Wondering why she got stuck with such lunatic parents?  Wondering why the dogs perching under her amuse her so? Or is she just slowing slipping into a sugar coma? I guess we will never know.  And I really don’t […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday # 19

Baby’s First Art Project We’ve been trying to teach EJ how to use crayons but she hasn’t really mastered the idea that you have to press down on the page to make them write.  Or so we thought….  I think she is just being her usual Tornado Baby self, skipping over this art project, and […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday #18

You know its time to put away the baby furniture when… Your child knows how to turn on the vibrate feature on her bouncy seat. And she enjoys it like it’s her own personal massage chair. Look! Baby goo! Ohhh, that’s the spot! For more of MY Wordless/ful Wednesday go HERE! For more WordFUL Wednesday go […]

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