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Archive for 'Weekend Giggles'

Weekend Giggles #6

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge I just knew it was more than just my dogs leaving teeth marks in my shoes.  EWwwwww!  Actually, I’m wondering how the writers of this comic strip “knew” EJ was eating my shoes?  Spooky! The Buckets click image to enlarge That’s why I’m grateful for modern technology.  It […]

Weekend Giggles #5

Family Tree click image to enlarge Cool! I’m a nature girl! I’ll have to Twitter that and let everyone know.  Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge Add a wooden spoon for beating on things and you will have my daughter. (That’s a tambourine in the kids mouth if you’re wondering.  Don’t worry, you’re not too crazy. […]

Weekend Giggles #4

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge Yep, gettin’ used to this! Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge *snort, snort, snort!* Rose is Rose click image to enlarge Quote: “In the springtime, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” -Margaret Atwood Cow and Boy click image to enlarge This one […]

Weekend Giggles #3

Home And Away Click image to enlarge.                                 This will be my peeps loving baby in a couple years.  And that will be my husband freaking out. Rose is Rose Click image to enlarge.                […]

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