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Archive for 'Weekend Giggles'

Weekend Giggles #10

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge And thank you for the inventors of vacuum cleaners and 409… Frank & Ernest click image to enlarge Or take an antihistamine. The Buckets click image to enlarge Another Mensa candidate goes down in flames. Soup To Nutz click image to enlarge click image to enlarge Just think about that […]

Weekend Giggles #9

Frank & Ernest click image to enlarge Ba, da, bump. Speed Bump click image to enlarge Until the next time I feel the need to glue something to the cats butt. Grand Avenue click image to enlarge I tweet therefore I am… the coffee shop about to buy a latte and a sprinkled donut. Then […]

Weekend Giggles #8 My Life Is Like A Comic Strip

This week’s edition of Weekend Giggles is all about the Dog eat Doug comic strip.  Every week I find so many different ones that I want to share with you that I’ve been saving them up. And if I don’t hurry up and pass some along my daughter is going to be a teenager before […]

Weekend Giggles #7

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge This reminded me of how our dogs look at our little EJ. Mostly it’s with disdain because she gets all the attention or because she’s bugging them, but sometimes you catch brief glimpses of superiority.  Oh, just wait my nutty little spastic dogs (Jack Russells), one day EJ will figure out […]

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