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Archive for 'Weekend Giggles'

Weekend Giggles #14 Ode To The Brain Sucking Vortex Called Adulthood

Today we take a brief look at why babies are smarter than grownups. Speed Bump click image to enlarge I always say babies speak in their own language.  They are all born smart little creatures!  I wonder what happens between birth and adulthood that makes us forget the little things like remembering to use spell […]

Weekend Giggles #13

B.C. click image to enlarge I tawt I taw a twitter turd! I did! I did! I did taw a twitter turd! The Buckets click image to enlarge This may explain a lot about my childhood education… and what happened to it. Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge What more can I say?  Bless […]

Weekend Giggles #12

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge Our dogs LOVE EJ…. I think…. OK…. it might just be the “baby droppings” that seem to be left EVERYWHERE!  They’ve even taken to trying to lick her clean after meals.  Kinda….ewww…. if I let myself think about it, but it works wonders on that sticky mac and […]

Weekend Giggles #11

Dog eat Doug click image to enlarge When I read this I nearly fell out of my chair.  Yesterday my darling EJ tried to “dust” the dog with my keyboard duster.  Needless to say, it DID NOT go over well with the pooch.  I’m waiting to see what kind of fall out happens from this […]

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