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Archive for 'tornado baby'

NOT another new Blogher post…

Don’t cha’ love my title?  Thought it might get attention considering everywhere I look I see the envious posts of wonderful bloggers who got to spend their time this past weekend elbow rubbing and spewing out business cards like pinata candy to every eagerly awaiting hand that passes by.  Watching the halls, looking at all the […]

“Back Demon Hormones! BACK!”

Today’s an exciting day for me, although I don’t want to outshine the excitement that my friend is about to feel.  She’s about to have her baby today.  *YEAH* And I get to take all the hospital baby pictures. *WHOOT* Or at least the ones that they will let me take.  The worst part, besides […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday # 19

Baby’s First Art Project We’ve been trying to teach EJ how to use crayons but she hasn’t really mastered the idea that you have to press down on the page to make them write.  Or so we thought….  I think she is just being her usual Tornado Baby self, skipping over this art project, and […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday # 17 Life Lessons

* Life Lesson # 3 (cuz how many can you have when your only 1?) Never get into a fight with a tennis skirt if you’re not tall enough to wear it. “UGG!” “ARGGG!” “IT’S GOT MY HEAD!!!” “WHEW!” (That’s the leg hole she finally managed to wiggle her head out of.) The look of […]

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