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Archive for 'Toddlers'

Unholy Shamrocks!

*WARNING* This post is about poop. It is a mommy blog after all. I’ve have now crossed another Mommy Milestone and, unfortunately for you, I have to share it with everyone! Have you ever watched your child consume massive amounts of sugary substances at a party or gathering and wondered ,with dread, how it would […]

There’s Money In My Pot!

Either our potty has magical powers and is about to make us rich or I have survived another mommy milestone. After taking my daughter to the potty for what seemed like the umpteenth time today I noticed a little spec of what appeared to be a foreign object in the potty.  Not that I really […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday #27

“Slurp, slurp, slurp…” “Uh oh! I think I’m busted for drinking my yogurt again.” says the internal voice of an imp. “Maybe if I smile pretty for Momma she’ll think that I’m just too cute to use my spoon and that half of the cup landed in my lap and is oozing down my leg […]

Colossal-Ginormous-Mamoth-Rainbow Cake

I challenged myself last week to see just how good of a baker I could be.  First off let me say… yes I used a box mix!  Get over it!  With this cake the only way to survive it was to box it!   However I can proudly say that I’m fully aware of and […]