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Archive for 'Tidbits'

Whoo Hoo! My site is working again!!!!

Seems like my site is working again!  I hope so.  To everyone who tried to visit me yesterday, I’m so sorry things just didn’t work out.  Please give me another chance to make you smile.  And if I do then tell all your friends where you got that shiny grin from. Cheers!


Yesterday I found myself having to tell my daughter that she’s not allowed to eat my shoes.  After I pried my flip flop out of her teeth I felt the overwhelming need to check her nose to make sure it was cold.  She proceeded to try to bite my finger.  Teething anyone?  YEESH!         […]


I think I should buy a lottery ticket.  This weekend I had to make the trek to see the local genius geeks at the Apple Store.  After two trips up there, prior to this weekend’s, I had several parts replaced on my computer and,luckily,they were actually under warranty.  Whoo hoo! Don’t cha’ just love new parts? I love […]

Bloggers! Do You Air Your Dirty Laundry?

I just wrote something that I’m terribly tempted to post and share with the blogosphere.  A story that involves unwed pregnancy, abuse, intolerance, and then finally tolerance. A story that could have me hung by my toenails and beaten with wet noodles by my family.  A story that just might not be appreciated by someone I love as […]

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