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Violence Unsilenced: You are not alone, and you don't have to live this way.
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Archive for 'Tidbits'

BlogHer ’09 Full Conference Pass Up For Grabs

The final word is in. I will NOT be attending BlogHer ’09 this year.  BOO! If anyone is interested in buying my ticket from me please let me know.  I won’t be charging you any extra for it.  Just the price I paid.  $305.45 Cuz it would be really nice to let someone else go […]


Written on a bar napkin stuck in my old notebook I took everywhere with me before the invention of blogs and even keeping a computerized journal. You know, back in the dark ages… * * * * * * “Fate is mystifying, but second chances are ways to mystify fate.” I have no clue who […]

Help! The Busy Bee Is Holding Me Hostage!

I don’t think I ever understood the term busy until having a kid.  Ok, moms of many. This is your opportunity to snort and laugh at the new chick (mommy) on the block.  Because I’m laughing with you, although my laugh has a slight edge of hysterical in it.  I have never had a time […]

Tennis ADD

Hello Bloggy World!  While I’m really not a big fan of the idea of giving myself excuses to get away with not do something, this time you will have to forgive me.  If I haven’t made it clear before I’ll remind you again of my attention deficient when it comes to all things tennis.  When there is […]

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