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Archive for 'Tennis'

Wordless/ful Wednesday # 17 Life Lessons

* Life Lesson # 3 (cuz how many can you have when your only 1?) Never get into a fight with a tennis skirt if you’re not tall enough to wear it. “UGG!” “ARGGG!” “IT’S GOT MY HEAD!!!” “WHEW!” (That’s the leg hole she finally managed to wiggle her head out of.) The look of […]

Tennis ADD

Hello Bloggy World!  While I’m really not a big fan of the idea of giving myself excuses to get away with not do something, this time you will have to forgive me.  If I haven’t made it clear before I’ll remind you again of my attention deficient when it comes to all things tennis.  When there is […]

Writers Block With a Side Of Plastic Please.

Can you all tell I’m in a little bit of a writers slump?  I wouldn’t exactly call it writers block because I still have plenty of shtuff, including dialog, going through my head.  I’m just not either finding the time to put words to keyboard or I just don’t have the gumption.  Sometimes I find […]

Tennis Addict

I think I mentioned in my last post about how sore I am right now.  Oh My Goddess!!!!!   Lets just get the whining over with shall we?  I’ll start with my feet and work my way up.  My toes are sore.  My ankle hurts like a bomb went off in it. My calves burn. […]

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