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Archive for 'Tennis'

Winning. The Sweetest Revenge Of Them All!

Yesterday I got to experience something very odd. Something very satisfying in a gut wrenching way.  Something heartbreaking while uplifting.  As you can tell this something was filled with so many crossed emotions its difficult to nail down the one that was the full on icing on the cake.  But I did manage after some […]

It’s A New Day!

I think I’m a little excited this morning.  Like a kid waiting to go to their first day of school.  The excitement of a new day, a fresh start, new people.  And because I was always the geek, new school supplies. (squeee!) And all those new books I would get to lug around all day […]

Happy Bloggoversary To Me…Happy Bloggoversary To Me… Happy Bloggoversary Dear Mommy’s Joy… Happy Bloggoversary To Me!

My life has been horrendously busy lately.  I feel like I’m swamped with things I’m doing, things I’m supposed to do, things that I want to do but can’t be done till all the other things are done.  And with all these things cluttering up my world I completely missed a big bloggoversary for me. […]

Hi, ya! I’m Bizzy Bee!

Hello world!  I haven’t forgotten about you! After a nice long Labor Day weekend I’m now having to play a little catch up and work for many long restless hours on my ladies tennis team season stuff. Which, if you’ve been with me for a while, you know always takes a large chunk of my […]

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