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Archive for 'Rug rat'

Wordless/ful Wednesday # 16 Confirmed Proof That Kids Have No Bones

We’ve always known that there is a mysterious nature to all children. They have this uncanny ability to sense a person who likes kids from a person who eats kids.  They can scarf twice their body weight in food and snacks and not gain a pound. But then stop eating and grow taller overnight. They […]


Because I feel bad for not posting much this week I’ll give you another dose of cute adorableness to help even out my lack of literary love. The reason my darling sweet daughter’s mouth is hanging open is because every time I called her name she would yell, at the top of her lungs, “AHHHHHHHH!!!!” […]

Redneck “Highchair”

I’ve had several friends ask me how did I feed EJ out at camp?  Did I take the highchair or sit her on my lap?  How did I keep things clean and sterilized while out there? These questions are also coming from the few mothers I know that think dirt is dirty.  And I think […]

I Survived My Swim In The Redneck Swimming (gene) Pool!

Hello to my loyal reader(s) out there!  I have survived my swim in the redneck gene pool and have lots of great stories and pictures to share with you.  Like the story of why it’s not smart to use a dull knife to cut a watermelon. OUCH! Or how much damage can a frozen water […]

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