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Archive for 'Rug rat'

Pink Saturday And Pinky Toes

Nom, nom, nom. Yummy pink baby toes. To visit some other great pink sites click on the Pink Saturday link below. HaPPy SaTUrdaY!!! * * * * * * * * * If you enjoyed this please click HERE to favorite Mommy’s Joy on TECHNORATI !

Chipper The Baby Chipmunk

I have reached another Mommy milestone!  As you’ve may have noticed from some of my past posts about Mommy milestones that I continue to be amazed by not only the daily steps my daughter takes in becoming a real true grown up, what ever that is, but in what steps she has forced me to […]

I’m Connected Again!

Whew! I’m back!  I’m connected to the outer world again. I bet you were thinking that I would never return to your feed readers and thus into your hearts.  But I’m here.  A little faster, a little smoother, and a whole lot… cleaner.  I guess the geeks (lovely computer surgeons), at the computer hospital, thought […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday # 17 Life Lessons

* Life Lesson # 3 (cuz how many can you have when your only 1?) Never get into a fight with a tennis skirt if you’re not tall enough to wear it. “UGG!” “ARGGG!” “IT’S GOT MY HEAD!!!” “WHEW!” (That’s the leg hole she finally managed to wiggle her head out of.) The look of […]

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