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Violence Unsilenced: You are not alone, and you don't have to live this way.
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Archive for 'Inspiration'

I Swear Occifer…*burp*… I Am Not A Man!

*Warning, this is a long one.  Grab a drink and snuggle in.” Last night I did something that I really needed to do.  Something so simple to most but highly important for me to do.  I crossed a bridge that is very hard for me to cross.  I dipped my toe in the nice warm […]

It’s POSITIVE Day! Anything Can Happen!

Since yesterday I got a little snarky and maudlin I was really excited about today’s very important topic. Today’s post will focus only on the POSITIVES in my life! What! Wait! Why is she flipping gears like this??? PMS???  No my friends, just a little bit of POSITIVE inspiration. When a wonderful blogger named Jen […]


Written on a bar napkin stuck in my old notebook I took everywhere with me before the invention of blogs and even keeping a computerized journal. You know, back in the dark ages… * * * * * * “Fate is mystifying, but second chances are ways to mystify fate.” I have no clue who […]

My Dearest EJ,

You are now a year old.  Wow! It feels like it was only last week that I spent 22 hours in labor with you.  It feels like only last week I told your Daddy that I was pregnant…I think. It feels like only last week it took 5 pregnancy tests to convince me it was […]

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