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Archive for 'Daily shtuff'

Toe Lint

There are so many other things that my daughter could obsess over. Her blanky. Her favorite toy. Mommy or daddy. OK, she does obsess about daddy a little. And there are so many things that we as moms can only wish our offspring would become obsessed with accomplishing. Doing their homework without having to be […]

The Playground Bully

I was wondering how long it would take until EJ encountered “the playground bully”. I knew it would happen one day and I guess you only pray that your child can handle it.  (Or that they aren’t the bully themselves…yikes!) My daughter dealt with the situation brilliantly, as I would have expected from her obvious […]

Happy Anniversary My Love

What more can I say?  I married the perfect man for me.  A man that loves me even on my worst days.  A man that I promise to be there for on his worst days too.  A man that makes my best days complete.  In addition to adding that extra special something to my life […]

Typing On My Phone With My Pointy Finger

I’m trying something new today . Finally an app came out that might work for me that will allow me to communicate to the world via phone to my blog. I’ve tried in the past but something always fails and I end up with a half written post that hovers in outerbloggyland that I can’t […]

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