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Archive for 'Camp Ben'

Camp Ben! It’s A Family Tradition!

Here’s a little something I wrote last year in anticipation of the big event coming up… “Let’s talk about a little thing called camping ya’ll!  And were not talking about going out to the woods, pitching a tent, daring the elements to get you type of camping.  We are talking about pitching the pop up […]

Redneck With A Side Of Yuppy Please

Every once in a while, if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you will have seen me refer to myself as a redneck.  Or to my daughter as a the redneck baby.  Well,  I thought I’d clarify that a little bit.  We aren’t the type of rednecks you see on TV on CMT’s “My […]

Redneck “Highchair”

I’ve had several friends ask me how did I feed EJ out at camp?  Did I take the highchair or sit her on my lap?  How did I keep things clean and sterilized while out there? These questions are also coming from the few mothers I know that think dirt is dirty.  And I think […]

Wordless/ful Wednesday #13: Redneck Baby Pool

To keep with my redneck theme for the time period I would like to show you our version of the redneck baby pool. Step 1: Take one kitty litter box (never used BTW). Step 2: Add water. Step 3: Add random toys including wooden spoons. Step 4: Add baby. Warning:  Be ware of swollen diapers!!!  Will […]

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