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Archive for 'Baby Poop'

Chipper The Baby Chipmunk

I have reached another Mommy milestone!  As you’ve may have noticed from some of my past posts about Mommy milestones that I continue to be amazed by not only the daily steps my daughter takes in becoming a real true grown up, what ever that is, but in what steps she has forced me to […]

Another Mommy Milestone…

I have now reached another Mommy Milestone. And not exactly the sweet innocent, makes you think of candy canes and roses type. Nope! Not this time.  This time we are talking the down and dirty, nitty gritty, break out the bleach and rubber gloves type of milestone.  Yep folks! It finally happened.  I was warned […]

The REAL Mommy’s Club

Now that all the political fire has fizzled I can move on to lighter hearted subjects.  Like poop.  Baby poop to be precise.  I won’t go into too many details as most of my readers are parents who will understand when I say I have now seen it all.  Or at least for this week. […]

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