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Archive for 'Baby Foody'

Da, Da, DaDa, daaa…. It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s Super Mom!

My mind is on baby food today.  Why am I thinking about squishy food that too closely resembles baby poo you ask? Because I’m having a hard time accepting that my local grocery store seems to think it’s only MY job to check expiration dates on things.  This is the “short” story of my recent […]

Lime Green Baby

Tonight we stripped EJ down to her skivvies and plunked her in front of a bowl of lime green Jello.  She smushed and squished.  Splatted and patted.  Squirted and squeezed.  She found it fascinating how it would mush between her fingers.  She discovered that if she squeezed her fingers open and closed fast enough her hand would make a cute […]

This week on Momversation: Breast Feeding Fanatics!

This one hits close to home with me since I had to make the tough choice to start feeding my child the “F” word (formula) in the hospital due to severe jaundice.  After that I was able to go back to breast feeding for a month until my body totally rebelled and made it impossible for me to […]