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I Think I Fell Off The Planet… AGAIN!

Wow! Simply Wow!  I think I fell off the plant. Or at least slipped out of the bloggersphere like I was slipping on…..

Yep, I’m still here and the first thing I made you think of after this long is poop!  I wanted to do that just so you’d know that it really was still me. Just me with a kid who’s a little older and a mom who’s a lot older! Because you know we age faster then our children!

Of course so many things have happened and changed over the last while since the last time I graced this blog with my ever flowing words of nonsense and wisdom! Yes, I said wisdom! Stop laughing! Too many things to try to relay to you in detail so bullet points seem to be the best option. Let us begin!

  • EJ had a birthday
  • I had two birthdays
  • EJ had another birthday
  • I had two more birthdays
  • EJ is now in pre-school!!!!!!!!!!
  • And I still have zero free time…. Go figure!
  • We FINALLY sold our house!!!! YAY!!
  • We bought a new house which is still covered in unpacked boxes. YAY!!  What? We’ve only been here almost 5 months now! And besides, cardboard is in fashion…. Isn’t it?
  • I joined a new club, one that is going to be a shock to many of you in the mommy blog world (and may make many of my readers jump ship because of different beliefs and that saddens me but I respect that too) and without knowing how it really happened found myself highly involved… and now that club is going national.  Which means I’m busy doing even more free work. YAY!!  Because motherhood, wife and tennis wasn’t enough of course. Its name is A Girl And A Gun Club. And I’m very, very proud of it and the ladies I’m working with! I’m sure I’ll be filling my pages with more info on that soon.
  • I’m getting my NRA pistol instructors license.  Ah, come on…. You always knew I was a redneck!
  • Just kidding about the redneck thing.  Kinda. Regardless of my roots I’ve been supporting and practicing my 2nd amendment rights all my life and have found a great outlet for mommy stress! When writing wasn’t enough, and tennis wasn’t enough, blasting away paper targets was just the ticket!  And I’m happily involved in the huge women’s movement towards that.  And really want to continue to help other ladies learn safely how to shoot and how to take responsibility for their own personal protection.
  • I’ve also been taking my shooting to a new level and have started doing competitions!! So now I get to add to my bio “Competitive shooter”!  How cool is that?!?
  • And when I’m not shooting I’m still being a mom to an amazing little girl who is growing like a weed and teaches me new things every day.
  • Oh! And last but certainly not least, but OH MY GODDESS!!! WE’RE PREGNANT AGAIN!!  Holy cow on a fence dancing! Can you freaking believe it?!?!

I guess that’s about it for now.  Hopefully in time I’ll gain all of my past readers back and if I’ve lost you, gain some more! But really I want to find my words again.  A place that all the tennis and shooting can’t replace when it comes to brain dumping. A place that surrounds me like the warm fuzzy blanket that I like to steal from my daughter.

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