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One of the things that drives me nuts, and I know I’m not alone, is spam phishing emails. As a moderatly tech savvy gal I’d like to think I’m immune to most requests to share millions of dollars of some poor sot who passed away leaving behind no benefactors. And I will never fall for one of those ridiculous schemes. But every now and then I’ll get an “inbox wonder” that even has me scratching my head if it’s real or not.
When I got this one this morning I’ll admit to wondering if it was real. I’m am expecting a package sometime soon, like probably half of the free world. And I use UPS, like half of the free world. So? Could it be real? But in the past I have received some pieces of spam that have used official looking postal signatures and they turned out to be phishing scams. So I did what every soul with a smart phone should do. I turned off my WIFI and clicked on the link. And there they were! Three nicely packaged zip files ready to be installed on someone’s unsuspecting desktop. Caught ya didn’t I you little phisheys!

And now I’m passing the info and warning on to you. If you see an email that looks like this one I would just delete it for safety. If you have a package coming it will arrive without you risking your personal information to find a tracking number. Also, for those of you who use Outlook, you may want to be sure the email is properly deleted and not sitting in your saved trash mailbox. And if you’re like me feel free to also search the long headers of the email and send the offensive info on to and let them deal with the turds of the electronic era.
Here’s a screen shot of the email I received just so you can compare if you get one.


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