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Diet Dribble-Day 3

Well, so far so good.  The hubby and I are on day three of our new diet and hanging in there.   We are still upright and haven’t killed each other over a scrap of chocolate… yet.  And EJ is benefiting because she gets to eat all the crap we can’t which makes for one happy 2 year old.  Little does she know that when the junk food runs out she’s eating broccoli.


We decided to use the South Beach Plan since it was recommend by hubby’s doctor as the best one to handle all the reasons we are on this diet to begin with.  And it’s not so bad.  It’s not a cheeseburger, but it’s not bad.  At least I’m not starving which is a BIG bonus that I’ve hated about every other diet out there.  I like their meal plan where it says to start with the serving suggested and then after you’re done feel free to go back for seconds.  Now that’s my idea of a diet!  I can pretty well eat as many veggies as I’d like in a meal as long as I stay away from the ones that have the evil carbs in them.  But so far I haven’t really felt the need to snack out side of the mandatory snacks. (Another happy bonus…”mandatory” snacks!) And I’ve been full after eating the portion recommended surprisingly.

And so far hubby’s been pretty happy with things or at least is remaining upbeat about not getting to have his evening ice cream.  Aside from a little squabble between us where I had to convince him that he would not die if he ate chicken for lunch AND for dinner because I’m a busy house mom and NOT a cook to order restaurant chef, we are doing ok.  As far as I know he’s sticking to it when I’m not around, and when I am, I’m portioning out everything so he doesn’t have to think about it.  And so far we’ve both dropped weight!!  In just 3 days!  That’s the coolest part!  The South Beach Plan does say that you will drop weight fast in the first two weeks and then it will slow down a bit as we add some healthy carbs and fat back into our meals.  And I think I’ll be ok with that.  As long as we stick with it.  I’m pretty sure I can but I’m hoping my husbands old habits don’t come back when we can eat a larger list of foods.  And I refuse to be the food police slapping bites out of his hand, so he’s going to have to resist on his own.

The only thing it seems the diet leaves out of its plan is considering that some people who should diet actually play competitive sports versus the mild exercising that its urging people get.  Yes, sometimes plumper people still carry their weight, ba da bump, in competitive sports and its almost harder to lose weight for us since we also need to eat to compete. So the hubby and I have had to both plan a little bit of extra carb intake just to survive on the tennis court and not get woozy.  My carb of choice was a small baggy of Cherrios nibbled on through out the match, so I’m not exactly gut busting out there.  We just know we need to have a little extra energy to burn so we don’t pass out on the court.  After talking to some other tennis folks who have done this diet and talking to one man who actually did pass out on the court, we decided to opt for safety instead of risk when it comes to that.  So if that’s a cheat we cheated on our diets but I’m thinking spending 2 solid hours running back and forth on a court excuses me the excess.

So thats it! I know, so exciting!  I could be a walking, blogging ad for South Beach so I won’t bore you with more details. This time at least.  But to make up for the diet dribble here’s a cute photo of a past trip to the beach.  Next time maybe it will be me in the picture showing off my cute beach body!

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