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Help! I Need Blogging Advise And/Or A Maid!

*Note: Please forgive me for the outdated appearance of my page.  I’m a mom.*

“Oh wow!  Hi keyboard!  Has it really been well over a month since the last time we met?   Yikes?  Do I still have readers?  Does anyone still care if I’m here?  Does it matter?  Ohhhh woes is me… the guilt of not posting….   Wait a minute!!  Who is the blog for anyway?  I write for me!  Don’t I?”

This is what I’m thinking as I open up my lap top.  Sometimes I think the invention of all the other gadgets in my life is causing my blogging life to disappear into the realm of too much global access.  When I started Mommy’s Joy, like all new bloggers, I had the good and bold intentions of writing everyday.  And I did for the most part.  I banged out ideas and stories and posted pictures and blogged till my little heart practically ran out of words.  Then I decided it was time to slow down. Take some time for myself since it seemed like my online personality was taking center stage to my daily life, and my daily life was constantly on hold.  And that’s not a lifestyle that can continue.  Especially with a two year old who has her own opinions about who’s time belongs to who and a husband who insists on wearing clean underwear. “No honey, I didn’t get the laundry done today.  But I did finally finish what I think will be the blog post of the century.  Wanna read it? No? Why not?  Because you’re lost in the sea of dust bunnies floating around the house?”   “EJ!!  Where are you child?  Oh! There you are!  Sorry, I lost you for a minute.  I guess its easy to do when you’re covered in so much dog hair from the couch.  You blend.”

And when you add in the all access inventions of the Iphone and the Ipad which should make blogging easier for most, I found myself lost in all the abilities afforded to me.   When the WordPress app came out the for the Iphone I thought that my days of hiding behind my computer and not getting a thing done were over with. I even posted about it.  I was so proud thinking that I would be able to finally post more since I could do it on the go!  So now where ever I went I could share it with you bing, bang, boom!  And I did.  More than you ever knew, I did.  I started so may new posts and exploited all the in car riding (while hubby drove of course. I promise I never wrote while driving.  Only in my head and I’ll get to that next.), standing in line, waiting at doctors offices, waiting here and there.  Daily life had now met my blogging life head on.  And then thats when daily life thumbed its nose at technology and took over.  Suddenly the periods of time I had to use were just not as long as I needed to actually FINISH a post.  And by the time I got home or to somewhere else where I had a few minutes to write, I was already mentally bogged down with so many other things I just couldn’t find the words.  So many of those posts went unfinished.

Another of my sad blogging woes is how many posts I write in my head.  I could have written the great American novel by now with all the creative thoughts that run through my head while I’m giving my daughter a bath, battling dirty socks into the washer, or changing poopy diapers.  But sadly, by the time I get time to sit down and put all those amazing thoughts into typed word the words have disappeared or have been forgotten.

So what do I do?  I’ve tried to set aside time everyday to sit down with my computer and write.  Write something.  Anything.  But I am not a creature of habit like most. If I say 9:00 will be my blogging time everyday, and that doesn’t happen everyday like clockwork, then I find myself drifting off to other endeavors.  Its also doesn’t help that I have a husband who’s schedule jumps all over the calendar and the clock randomly, so he may just decide he want’s to go do something during my precious blogging time.   So I blame it on him too.  Because I can. So there…

I know by now you all are pretty tired of hearing me whine and bitch about time and having none of it.  Most of you are all parents so I know you’re only rolling you eyes at me thinking buck up sista’.  It only gets worse from here.  So you tell me.  What do I do?  How do I find more time in my day? I only have one child right now. One very active, crazy, opinionated child.  But only one.   I can’t even imagine what it will be like when I have more kids.  So that’s what I want to know.  How in the world do you, parents of multiple children, keep on the blogging train?

And just so you know I’m not full of baloney about a crazy two year old here’s evidence.

Yes, she's sitting in her toy bucket. Yes, she's her toy bucket. Yes, she's scowling at me because I'm taking a picture of her eating in her toy bucket.

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