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My House Is Still Dirty

So. My house is still dirty.

I know!!!! You’re shocked!

I woke up this morning with all good intentions to clean my house. See, for a house to sell the seller must be diligent when it comes to upkeep. No one wants to purchase a house that looks like it was owned by two very hairy shedding dogs and a toddler. A VERY messy toddler who’s favorite game is “Toss it”. Toss it here, toss it there, toss it everywhere! Wheee! And then laughs like a hyena when I try to get her to help pick all her toys up. Ha!

So ya, back to cleaning. Simply… I started, hubby came in and interrupted. And now I’m not cleaning. I’m enjoying a nice breakfast out with my family.

(Insert happy sigh here…)

Apparently I’m more apt to be part of the clean plate club then the happy homemakers association.

Hmmm. Who knew?

I wonder if I could teach the dogs how to vacuum? I’ll even let them use the cat as a duster in exchange for a job well done!

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