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Wordless/ful Wednesday #32 Is My 2 Year Old On LSD Or What?

Hello world!

I’mmm baa-ack!

Well…. Kinda.

I’m back from another successful swim in the redneck gene pool.  Yes folks, I survived it! All without loosing too many brain cells to the pack and I had a wonderful time in the process.  But since the day I came home its been non stop laundry, dishes, housework, kid chasing , etc.  Just trying to get caught up again. You all know the drill.  So that’s where I’ve been hiding.  Instead of finding me lounging on my wonderful chair with a beer in my hand I’m buried under a mountain of laundry that smells like that sweaty beer.  For every ying there is a yang I’m afraid.  And for every great Mommy’s Joy post, even the shortest like this one, there must also be an end.  And also because my laundry pile is starting to throw dirty underwear at me…  Oh wait! That’s my daughter buried under there!  I was wondering where she went….  So for now my loyal readers, and not so loyal but new eyes that stopped in to peep, adios!  I shall return soon with more tails from the unusually vertical family tree.

Oh! And here’s a picture of EJ at her finest while camping.  She walked around like that for almost 20 minutes making fish lips at everyone and posing for cameras.  I kept looking for the LSD she was hiding because seriously!!  Those goggles make me see iridescent hot pink stars every time I look out of the them and its just about the trippiest thing you could imagine.


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