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Wordless/ful Wednesday #31 -Redneck Warning Sign

There are some things that are sacred to a Redneck Camp Ben’er.  One of those things is their potty.  Each year a group of us, several families, get together and rent a port-o-pot for our camp sites.  We kinda park it in the middle of all of them so we all only have moderate walks, err. stumbles, in the middle of the night.  We also park it under a tree so it doesn’t start burning up in there under the Texas sun.  Can you imagine….. Port-o-pot….100 degree… direct sunlight…..molten lava flowing within….. You get the idea right?  After many years of doing this we have perfected the art of the camp pot.

But there is nothing worse then walking up to your yellow can and finding out that some strangers butt has fowled your port-o-pot.  Just because its sitting on property that someone might accidently walk by doesn’t mean its up for public usage people!  Therefore, I’ve created a sign to post on it.  Sadly, I doubt it will be seen at night by any drunken rednecks who only see a giant yellow box of bladder freedom but at least I can make an attempt.  However, anyone who ignores the sign during the daylight hours might have a surprise coming to them.  We’re watching you….We can seeeeeee you…. And that means we probably know where you’re caaaamping…. And therefore sleeeeping….  And you have to sleep sometime don’t you.  And my daughter is still pooping in her diapers…. Need I elaborate further????

You’ve had fair warning.

That is all.

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