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Wordless/ful Wednesday #29 I’m Giving You The Finger

Well folks, I’ve been a very busy girl the last week or so.  And that’s why I’ve been scarce to find online.  And that’s also why I’m going to share with you a very simple but very powerful Wordless/ful Wednesday post image today.  One that will shake you to your boots (with laughter), promises to cleanse your soul (and nose by snorting out what ever you are drinking at the time), and guarantees to embarrass my daughter and gain some more wonderful teenage blackmail material.

I present to you….. The Finger.

Yes, ladies and germs, here is my daughter, in all her cuteness, with her finger buried up to its knuckle in booger surprise.  Frankly, as I watched her, slightly gagging and trying not to laugh my butt off, as she tried to scratched her brain, all I could think about was how many times I’ll be able to get her to empty the dishwasher when she gets older.  I also thought of how nice it will be to frame this one and give it to whomever she marries.

Am I bitter mom? No. Just because she decided my body wasn’t where she wanted to stay after all, after 22 hours of labor, and then blasted out of me like a rocket leaving me scared for life doesn’t mean I’m out for any revenge.

Am I a mean mom? No. Just because she’s now decided that the funnest thing to do is scream her ear piercing scream that echos across the bathroom walls like a bell wrapped around my head while she is sitting on the potty doesn’t mean I want to make her scream more as a teenager.

Am I a mad mom? No. (Ok, maybe a little. But only in the lunatic sort of fashion) Just because she’s 2….. 2…..2…. 2…. years old.  Do I need to repeat that again?  She’s 2!  But that doesn’t mean I want to drive her crazy as a teenager.  (Ok, maybe a little bit)

Nope. I am simply a humble mom, who has a plan to one day have her dishes done and possibly, just maybe, have someone else pick up the doggy poop in the yard.

That is all.

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