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Beware!! iTunes Phishing Email Scam

OH! JOY!  Guess what! I just received a $50 gift certificate from I-tunes!  NOT!!!!!!  Did you email scammers actually think you would get away with this one? Do I appear to be an idiot?

Please note, this is a copy of the email I received in my inbox this morning.  It is spam!!! Do not open the zip file attached if you have received the same message.  From what I can tell its a phishing scam.

From: iTunes Online Store <>

Subject: Thank you for buying iTunes Gift Certificate! (*note* Never bought one! First clue!)

Date:  May 26, 2010 5:03:55 AM CDT

To: (*note* This isn’t my email address….Second clue!)

From: (*note* Don’t know this person…Third clue!)


You have received an iTunes Gift Certificate in the amount of $50.00
You can find your certificate code in attachment  below.
(*note* Attachment???…Fourth clue!)

Then you need to open iTunes. Once you verify your account, $50.00 will be credited to your account, so you can start buying music, games, video  right away. (*note* Verify My Account??? …. Kiss My ASS!)

iTunes Store.

zip.file attachment

To all my Mommy’s Joy readers and to those that aren’t and you just searched and found this email, please don’t EVER OPEN ANY ZIP FILES SAYING YOU ARE A WINNER UNLESS YOU KNOW THE PERSON OR DO YOU ONLINE HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!

All it took was for me to do a quick google search for Itunes email scam and I came up with a plethora of sites telling me to be wary of this.

If you do get one of these emails just simply delete it.  One site I read on this subject also suggest that those of you who use Outlook may want to be sure the email is properly deleted and not sitting in your saved trash mailbox.

HA! HA! You evil scammers! I foiled your plans again to get ahold of my personal information so you can empty my already empty bank account!  May one day all the good people of the world be able to charge YOUR credit cards for a new TV!


Lets think about something better! CHOCOLATE! Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a Chocbite Gourmet Chocolate Bar. There will be 4 winners and there a tons of ways to enter and win! So go HERE NOW and check it out! And THIS is no scam baby!

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