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I Smell Change And It Smells Like Windex

We are about to have some changes in the Mommy’s Joy household.  No I’m not pregnant before you even ask.  I know after my cryptic post a few weeks ago I had several people wondering that.  Even close friends and family were knocking down my doors accusing me of not telling them first.  And I had to explain to them all that no, not all hopes and wishes are locked up around the stork.  Or at least not all of mine right now. I’ll save that for another day when I feel like I can afford to dream about it.

What I was hoping and wishing and praying and being very vague about as to not jinx it was that we had someone interested in buying our house.  But sadly, they pulled their contract due to what amounts in my book as a really stupid reason.  Simply put, if you love a house so much that you spend over two hours in it the first time you look at it, drag your family back for second viewing, put in an offer… Come really close to accepting the counter offer that you expected to get. Come back for a third visit and state to my husband that ultimately the reason you can’t by the house is because one object you own is too big and you hate it and would get rid of if you had a choice (and could easily if you had any cajones) doesn’t make any sense to me.  And I wish I could describe it more clearly for you so it made more sense but it really made none so I can’t even write it sensibly.  But that was it.  The day I was hoping and praying was the day that a mom and dad bent over and took one… let their teenager make a decision for them.  Blah!

And that leads me to now.  And to change.  Ahhh. Change.  I’ve never been one to actively seek out change but I’ve also never hidden from it either.  I’m always up for chopping my hair off or deciding today would be a nice day to go blonde or red on a whim.  Changing venues or cleaning out my closet? Hey I’m up for it! I’m good with change generally.  I’m not afraid of it even though sometimes it can be really daunting.  I truly believe change can be refreshing and important in a persons life.  Without change how can you grow? And thats why my world is going to be changing as of tomorrow. Hopefully for the better. But that’s always the risk.

If anyone knows me or has paid any attention to the time of day I post or the time of day I may tweet or send emails then you know that I’m a night owl. My favorite time of the day is about 5-6 AM when the sun is just starting to create light.  It’s the best time to fall asleep!  Which doesn’t make for a happy morning person… at all.  I’m lucky if I see 9:00 roll over on my clock with my eyes open. And if they are, they are usually only opened forcefully by a loud buzzer and a crowbar.  And as luck would have it I have a kid that loves a later to bed later to rise schedule as part of her natural routine too.  Its fit us perfectly.  We fit perfectly.  But as I said, these times they are a changin’. Literally.

I’m about to become a morning person wether I like it or not.  I wish I could say it’s a job or something grand that I’m going to waking up earlier for but in truth it’s only to clean my house. Yay! Exciting huh! I bet ya’ll are just on the edge of your seats waiting to hear why.  Why would any sensible woman be getting up earlier then her natural body rhythm allows to clean?  My first answer to that…. Did I ever make claims on sensibility? My second answer is because we are under instructions from our realtor to have our house clean by 9 AM every day because of the new way he will be pushing the sale of our house.  WHEW! I told you it was exciting!

I would go into details but I don’t want to excite you any further and be responsible for any heart attacks.

So that’s it. I’m embracing change, and my alarm clock. And I promise not to put it under my pillow like I have done in the past and claim it never went off.  It’s a good thing really. Not only for my house but for me.  My daily routine needed a pick-me-up and I think this is just the ticket. But if you see a surly woman at the store early in the morning slamming Diet Pepsis and snarling over the next few weeks till my body adjusts, you may want to just back away.  Slowly.  SLOWER! As to not poke the cranky bear.

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