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Chocbite Gourmet Chocolate Bars Review and Giveaway! 4 Winners! CLOSED!!

Have you ever been hankering for a snack and thought to yourself… “I really could go for a huge milk chocolate candy bar with nerds and macadamia nuts on it”?  Or had a friend who was really hard to shop for during a birthday or holiday?  This friend has everything or has already tried so many things it hard to find them that perfect gift.  How about a dark chocolate bar with spicy mango chunks, lime & chili almonds, crystalized ginger, and a hint of cayenne pepper? As you can see I’m going WAY off the charts with the imagination when it comes to a simple chocolate candy bar….

Or am I?

Ladies and gentleman and children of all ages I want to introduce to you Chocbite! Custom Gourmet Chocolate bars. They are made right here in my home town of Austin, Tx by an amazing woman with a mind so creative, and curiously twisted enough to consider putting wasabi and soy almonds or Fruity pebbles on a chocolate bar.  She offers up so many different taste sensations and experiences there is an endless amount of possibilities one could create. And that’s the best part! YOU create your own experience and you can get as crazy or traditional as you want! How great is that I ask you?

Even the folks over at Good Morning America thought it was an awesome idea and featured it on their recent “Helping Woman Navigate Sticky Situations” segment as a way to help mend relationships! Check out the video clip here (about min 4)

One visit to the Chocbite website and you can see how easy it is to find something for everyone’s tastes and imagination.  First you can choose from four different types of chocolate in which to built your custom made bar. There are the classics, Semi-sweet dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The always elegant white chocolate. All the way to the unusual and very rarely seen on the chocolate candy bar market Bitter sweet dark chocolate.

And now, even after your mouth is already watering from the idea of such great options in chocolate you get to move on to the toppings! Who doesn’t love toppings?  But beware… there are so many topping options you might find yourself changing your minds over and over.  Here’s a hint…. Just get another chocolate bar and try a different flavor combination!  That’s the only way to really make sure the first bar is a wonderful as the second…and third…and fourth that comes from this wonderful chocolatier.

There are over 30 different “Sweet Toppings” alone to choose from.  Butterscotch pieces, Key Lime Candy Flakes, Mini Marshmallows….Pop Rocks? You name it Chocbite probably has it or could create it! After perusing the Sweet Toppings its then time to move on to the “Savory Toppings” where you can choose from Espresso, Lemon Salt, or even Flax Seed for the more health conscious chocolate eaters. Add to that the many other fantastic choices you can find under “Nut Toppings” and “Fruit Toppings” (not just your traditional nuts and fruits I might add) and “Decorative Toppings” and I promise you will have a mind blowing experience from ordering the chocolate all the way to when it reaches your door step.

My husband and I had the yummy opportunity to try out a couple different bars with the toppings of our choices. We are pretty simple folk when it comes to flavors so we tried to get a creative as possible with our limited taste buds.  My husband chose a semi-sweet chocolate bar with walnuts and mango and I had a milk chocolate bar with peppermint and cranberries. Both bars arrived in the most adorable packages and shape I promise you have ever seen for a chocolate bar. Perfect for gifts!

Check it out!!! Who took a bite out of my bar?

After admiring the absolute awesomeness of the appearance, and dragging my husband through the horrifying experience of having to wait to eat his till after I took pictures, we finally enjoyed our first bites. All I can say for that is WOW! My dreams and fantasies of the perfect chocolate bar all wrapped up in to one bite. I know this sounds a little extreme but it’s not.  I honestly believe my dear friend and chocolatier has created the perfect chocolate bar.

And you now you have a chance to try it yourselves!!  My friend Adz, The Chief Chocolate Lover, and creator of Chocbite is generously allowing me to giveaway 1 Chocbite chocolate bar with all the toppings of their choice to 4 of my lucky winners!!! (Canada and US)

And for those who either can’t resist jumping in with both feet and feel you MUST have that chocolate now Adz is also letting my readers have a 20% discount on products on the Chocbite website.  Just use the coupon code MOMMYSJOY.

To win you must follow these very simple and fun rules:

First Mandatory Entry (1 comment):

Go to the Chocbite website and move through the steps of building your own chocolate bar.  Chose your favorite type of chocolate, chose all the toppings you would want (just don’t move on to the last and final step of checking out unless you intend to go ahead and purchase your chocolate bar.  And I wouldn’t blame you if you did.)  Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me what all you would put on your bar.  Just note… what ever you tell me you want is what you are getting if you win. So choose wisely!

Bonus Entries:

Important: Each comment is an entry! For example if you tweet about this giveaway leave a comment for each time you do. If you have any questions about this e-mail me at

Contest will close on June 15th 2010 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. All entries after that point will be tossed out without bias. Winner will be chosen with Winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be selected.

In effort to have full disclosure about my reviewing and giveaway practices a free sample of this product was sent to me to review. All opinions are my own and if you disagree with me then that is your prerogative. If you choose to purchase this product after my review and are dissatisfied do not hold me or my family liable.  The opinions I’ve stated are as true and honest as I can get but I am only human and therefore my opinions may differ from yours.  If you are not of the organic human persuasion and disagree with my opinions then please feel free to take me to court over a chocolate bar.

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