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Murky Monday On A Mother’s Day Crack High

Today I’ll just simply apologize to my readers for not having a better Murky Monday rant for you.  If you came here today looking for some soul rotting, vile spewing rant its just not possible.   (Nor was it possible for me to not write small novel today but this one is worth it if you make it to the end… I promise)  It  was really difficult for me to come up with anything for my Murky Monday theme when I’m still coming down off the high from such a wonderful day as yesterday.  Mother’s Day

To start we went out for a nice breakfast where there was a play ground for my daughter to disappear into and we could sit in peace.  Then as we were leaving my daughter did the one thing I will never forget this Mother’s day. For the first time she looked at me, unprompted, and said “I uub uu”. (That’s I love you in 2 year old speak) KABOOM! Did you hear that? That was my heart exploding.

Then we headed home, to simply have my hubby turn around and leave again with daughter in tow, to give me some quiet alone time with Lifetime. Ya, I’ll admit it. When I’m feeling all gushy and woman like I tend to see whats happening on the ole’ Lifetime movie channel.  This is also where you can find me when I’m running a fever or have decided that I’m never shaving my legs and armpits again and the man in my life can suck it. There’s nothing like a happy ending to a cheesy murder or mismatched love to make a day either go by faster or slower depending on my mood at the moment.   But today was all gushy, balloons, and pink carnations… and love stories for Mom… Sigh.

After a nice afternoon on the couch I decided to open a bottle of wine, it was technically 5:00 somewhere, and pored myself a massive sized glass, or two… ah hem…or three.  I’m typically a 2 glass and then I’ll start giggling type of chick and I hate showing that giggle side of me.  Too many crazy things have happened in my life, (Dad, look away) some of them including water and nudity, when I have the giggles. But I figured the gravitational pull of my couch was enough to keep me planted and safe, even if I was snickering and snorting at every commercial like a banshie.

By dinner time, which I only halfway helped my husband cook, (somebody had to deal with the whole chicken otherwise it probably would have ended up breaded, fried, stuffed, sauteed, and undercooked.) I was in complete heaven.  Nice dinner, happy daughter (she spent the whole day with daddy which made her glow and will probably result in today being a special kind of hell as she won’t get to see him as much) , and a husband who even did dishes after dinner.  Ahhh.  The only thing missing was a bubble bath but by then I’d had enough to drink I probably would have drowned in the tub.

Today, instead of hung over, I’m feeling rather spry and happy.  And as I sit here writing this my husband is still crashed out asleep.  Poor guy. I think he had a long day. You see, I think Mother’s day isn’t only a day to celebrate moms but to really impress on those in your life that Mothers are a special blend of DNA that create an amazing person. We are genetically designed to be able to carry a multitude of duties throughout the day from scraping day old egg off plates that suddenly appear in the sink to battling unwilling and “OMG what is THAT?…..  Urp…Never mind” kind of stains in the laundry. Cleaning up puke, poop, and pee from everything hairy and hairless living under the roof and making sure everyone is happy and content and well napped even if it means avoiding sleep your self.  Protecting all the family members from themselves and those “Hay, look at me moments!”.  And magically making the boo boos from those moments disappear with a kiss. And don’t forget our ability to bend time and find several hours a day of extra day light for blowing bubbles outside, going down slides, or pushing swings. Making sure all the family members are well fed and the fridge won’t ever run out of milk and cheese. Cooking dinner. Ducking as dinner is shot at you, baby style, with fork sling shots.  Cleaning up the battle grounds after dinner. All to the tune of a small little kiss good night and the knowledge that we get to do it all over again the next day. And we go to bed with a satisfied sigh BECAUSE we do get to do it all again the next day. We are moms and we are multi-taskers. We were born to be torn in so many different directions we make Humpty Dumpty look like a chump. And we pull it all together everyday for the betterment of our families and those we love. And we carry with us the satisfaction that WE did that. I am MOM! Hear me ROAR!

It’s the hardest, dirtiest, smelliest, stickiest, selfless/selfish job on earth.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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