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We Have A Winner!!

UPDATE** One new winner was chosen due to the 48 hour contact me rule.  So the new winner is…..


Congrats everyone!!!

Recently I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to due to many outside forces that seem to pull me in too many directions but specifically away from my computer. So today, instead of adding another Murky Monday rant to my page, since only 2 posts ago I was ranting away and showing my darker side, I thought I’d lighten things up and announce the winners of the On-The-Go Inflatable Potty Seat!  Three cheers (OK four since there are four) for the winners!  Wee! Wee! Wee! Wee!

Did ya’ll like my failed attempt at humor?  (Wee, wee?….Potty seats?…. Ba, da, bump!) See, that’s why I chose Mondays to be Murky because humor and other acts of sheer genius do not flow out of my body easily. Rather its more of a green sludge carried on a wave of negative energy.  Or at least until I get some caffeine in me.

So… on to the happier note!

All winners were chosen with  I did have to spin the wheel a couple extra times due a duplicate name being drawn. I couldn’t let one person win three potties… (Yes, there was one lucky kid who’s mom’s name got drawn 3 times!!! Trust me, that was almost more than my Monday brain could handle.) So I spun the wheel again to be able to make things fair and share the potty fun!  But that is also why I’m not sharing any images of the counter like I typically do. 4 winners plus 2 extra spins would be just too much…e.ness! And then all of our brains would explode.

All right… without further blah, blah, blah….





Congratulations to all of you!!!!!

All winners have been contacted by email and have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be selected.

Thanks for playing everyone! I hope you have a great day…. Even though it’s Monday!

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