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Murky Monday

For this weeks edition of Murky Monday I’d like to rant a little bit about something that makes me see red every time I witness it.  Mostly I see this at the grocery store, because you know… that need to replenish ones pantry is always greater then the greater good.

What pisses me off?  People who park in handicapped places without proper tags.  If you do this may Karma kick you in your ass. May your tires be slashed and gas tanks filled with sugar by an unsupervised teenager who was raised by parents who believe that parking in handicapped spots without proper tags was ok.  There are no excuses for this.  If you need a tag go get one or search for a closer unmarked spot.  And moms, I feel no pity for you.  I know what its like trying to drag out a stroller, adjust all the multiple necessary bags for easier carrying, and deal with a pissy kid(s) all while in a rainstorm with gale force winds.  I’ve done it.  I live in Texas ya’ll.  The home of the Texas Gully Washer where sometimes during the spring rains pop up so fast wearing socks is a waste of time because they are going to get soaked.  And worst of all I’ve done it from parking spaces WAY out in the BFE of parking lots during the H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S!  In other words your mid afternoon jaunt to the mall does not constitute a reason to park in a handicapped space without a tag.  Being a parent is not a handicap and you’re teaching your children that it’s ok to break the law and that it’s ok to be irresponsible turds.

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