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Murky Monday

This weeks Murky Monday is dedicated to all those allergy ridden, common cold, stuffy nosed, irritated sinus, drainage challenged people out there and is another on my list of The Top 10 Things That Irritate Me.  I am one of you and I know we all must go to some drastic measure now and then…. But there is a limit to what is acceptable.  As a mom I know I’m doing my part to teach the next generation how to handle these problems with class and even a touch of humor.  I know that between my hubby and I we’ve passed on enough sneezy genetics to our daughter where she ought to just buy stock in the Kleenex brand now. Because lets face it. In our family, snot happens. A lot.

But people please!  If you pick it…don’t flick it!

For those who don’t know what I mean, its where someone is digging for gold nuggets in their nostrils and come up with a gob of fools gold of which isn’t worthy of keeping so they choose to flick it in the general direction of the floor. The same floor that I might have to walk on and the same floor that I probably will drop something on because I have all the grace of a drunken monkey in a vat of whiskey.  And the same floor that my kid might just fall face first on. (Another gene passed on I’m afraid.)

Do I need to go on as to how disgusting that could be?  Because, really I could. I could go on and tell you about all the wonderful viruses that live in the noses of healthy people but spread with mucus and could make someone else very sick. But I shouldn’t have to.  You’re a grown up right? At least the person is who I watched with their finger jammed up to their knuckle who decided to flick their findings on the floor right in front of me.   I know you’re out there.  And in all probability you’re not reading this.  But I hope beyond all hope that your wife is.

Also, after you dig for your gold, hopefully with tissue in hand to contain your finding,  will you please not touch anything else with your contaminated hand?  Because that’s just nasty.  Think about it…..The next time a perfect stranger sneezes in front of you why don’t you just block their snot rockets with your own hand. Then slap yourself with it.

Mmm, K?


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