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Let The Murky Mondays Begin!!!

A little over a week ago I wrote this: When Does Humor Become A Burden? Which got me thinking…. Mondays….. A vast amount of the working population of the world hates Mondays.  Wikipedia says that Monday is the most popular day to commit suicide, call in sick, and surf the web in the Netherlands. (Go Netherlands!) Songs have been written in tribute to how sucky Mondays are.  And its true, there is just something about Mondays that suck. For me it’s typically a day where if something is going to go wrong it happens on Monday.  If my milk is going to sour it turns on Monday.  If there is ever a day I just wake up in a pissy mood its Monday. That’s why I had previously chosen Monday as a day where I don’t write anything on this website.  Until now.   The other day when I wrote about my dwindling sense of humor I was having a bad day. Not anything outside the usual bad day that any mom has, just a sour milk kind of day.  It was hard to find my funny bone, and it got me thinking.  Why do I always need to find the funny?  Can’t funny just simply just lurk and be a silent partner of my bad day?  Can’t the funny just take a day off too?  And with those questions in hand I have now officially dedicated Mondays on Mommy’s Joy as Murky Mondays.  Where I can have a place to vent my frustrations, irritations, and just plain be a little less chipper for the week.  Murky Monday, where the forecast is foggy and overcast with only a slight chance of seeing the annoyingly perky sun. I’ve always wanted to keep my site as a place where people could come and catch a laugh for two and lighten up their day.   But I was missing the big picture.  Finding the funny isn’t always useful on a day to day basis.  Sometimes seeing that others have bad days too can be just as supportive as a good laugh.  So that’s it!  I found my outlet!  I need it not to rain on Fridays, I need sex on Sundays, and I need to let the weights of the world off my shoulders on Mondays.

My first rant for this first inaugural Murky Monday is a piece off a list I’ve been compiling for a while called My Top 10 Things That Irritate Me.  When I started putting this list together I first off realized that I had a lot more than 10 things that irk me, and if I tried to post them all in one post you as a reader would be forced to take a nap after number 7.  So what better time and place then now to share a chunk of my irritation?

Woman who stare at me like I’m doing something wrong when I’m changing my daughter’s diaper in public bathrooms.  Ladies!! That’s why there is a changing table!! For changing diapers!! And it’s not like I’m taking my daughter to places where you wouldn’t exactly find children so why the shocked faces at seeing my daughters naked too too?  And also please take the stick out of your butts when said establishments choose to put the changing station in the handicapped stalls.  Just because you want a little extra space to umm…turn around in, and I can’t blame you, but that doesn’t give you the right to stand there and give me dirty looks as I take my sweet time.  Wiping a dirty kids ass takes a healthy dose of concentration just like it can take a lot of wipes.  And the longer you stare the longer it’s going to take.  My kiddo doesn’t mind if I sing the alphabet to her again.  Do you?

OK, so maybe I can’t take the funny out of everything I write and why should I? Irritations can be funny too if taken from a different perspective.

So its official! Mondays are now Murky Mondays where you can almost see the funny through the haze of crap that covers it up. Join me each week for a little ranting! And if you’d like to get something off your chest please feel free to write it up as your own Murky Monday and leave your link here or just vent it here in the comment section. We all need to get things off our minds so why not support each other?

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