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Why I Wear Rose Colored Glasses

I haven’t participated in a Plinky prompt in a long time.  I read them everyday as they pass through my email on the way to the trash can but today’s question stopped me.  “Share 3 things that are good about your life right now.” Wow! Now thats a little challenging isn’t it?  With the world the way it is today, naming anything good is like finding a needle in your rug.  Impossible until you step on it.  But those good things are there, hiding.  You just have to learn how to see them.  What if you took a moment to look around and see what’s on the other side of your office door? Perhaps a co-worker who is newly pregnant and glowing?  It’s hard not to smile at that. Or what if you shoved the pile of bills or that dust bunny to the left? You might see your kiddos big innocent smile hiding behind it.  I really do feel its healthier look on the brighter side of things.  It’s too easy to focus on the struggles of everyday life and to turn a blind eye to the little things that are there hiding in the back ground making it possible for us to survive each day. The little things are really the engines that run the world because without them we would all slit our wrists or die early deaths from the lack of happy. Without those little things in life that make you crack a small snicker or chuckle and make you want to go on to the next hour of your day can you imagine how terrible it would be? Scary stuff.

This website, and my sense of humor that you’ve gotten to know in it, is an extension of me.  It’s how I look at daily life. I have live a life like everyone else. Full of stress and unhappy moments that I could dwell on and, if I let them, could suck me down into a pit of despair.  But I try to find the humor in things.  Even the smallest things I can find some sort of snort-able character in.  My dad taught me this and I’ll never be more grateful for adopting another personality trait from a parent. And while this ability to find humor in all circumstances can get me in trouble at times, like laughing at funerals, I’ll stick to my guns that it’s the best way to view the world!  Sometimes I’ve been criticized for wearing rose colored glasses.  Well, to that I’ve always said its better to own a pair of rose colored sun glasses, and to know when to wear them, then to own a black umbrella to hide from that rain cloud that follows others around all day. I recommend that everyone should get a pair.

So, with out further blah, blah, blah… I had to pick three things off the top of my head… And that’s a hard thing to do with my sunny outlook… To ONLY pick three…

Obviously my darling daughter!
Everyday she makes me laugh. Even on the hardest of days she can do something silly or sweet that will make that hard outer crust I’ve worn all day crack. Some days she is the only reason I would get out bed. I lay there wondering what it would be like to just stay all warm and tucked in and not face the day and then she starts chattering and playing in her crib. I can hear her talking to herself in her nonsense vocabulary only understanding a word now and then. She will say Mommy or Dada and then “talk” to us for a while. In pretend conversations I imagine. Then during the day, usually when I’m upset she will come running up to me and wrap her little twig arms around my legs and squeeze. She’s so little but can squeeze so tight that she just squeezes the bad feelings right out. While I’d love to say that everyone needs one of these little creatures I would be lying, because I still feel that parents should be screened before being allowed to procreate, but maybe those who are having bad days could just borrow one of these wonder squeezers once in a while.

Thank Goddess for tennis balls!
If it wasn’t for these little fuzzy yellow balls I think I would be a homicidal maniac by now. With all the stresses of daily life, from the economy to finding time to go by bread, it’s nice to be able to go out and smack the crap out of a cute little fuzzy yellow tennis ball. (Ha! Aggressive much?) I love to be able to knock the cute right off that stinkin’ ball. Whacking it so hard the fuzz on the ball shears off and flies through the air. I love to smack it so hard it hits the fence on the other side of the court, sometimes sticking in between the chain links. And I love the feeling of release when I do that. Unfortunately this release of tension isn’t so great for playing actual tennis games because most of the time these fuzzy yellow balls, when hit with such force, won’t behave and land inside the lines, but sometimes we just need to hit outside the lines to feel better. I recommend it to all!

My cat.
She purrs. She snuggles. She demands attention. She gets annoyed when that attention is ignored. She ignores. She gets irritated. She finds happiness in puddles of sunshine on the floor. She makes me smile because she’s the furry four legged version of me.

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Love and Kisses!

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